Chairperson’s appearance before the Standing Committee on Public Accounts (PACP)

​​​Table of contents

A. Opening statement

  1. Introductory Remarks

B. Spring 2020 Auditor General report on immigration removals

  1. OAG report
  2. Summary of report: Spring reports of the Auditor General of Canada to the Parliament of Canada: Immigration Removals​
  3. 2020 audit – Findings and IRB implications

C. Key issue notes

  1. IRB relationship with CBSA regarding removals
    1. Admissibility hearings before the Immigration Division (ID)
    2. Removal order appeals before the Immigration Appeal Division (IAD)
    3. Residency obligation appeals before the Immigration Appeal Division (IAD)
    4. Minister’s appeals before the Immigration Appeal Division (IAD)
  2. Information sharing and system interfaces
  3. 2019 Audit – Key findings, recommendations and progress of implementation
  4. Backlog and wait times (Refugee claims and appeals)
    1. Wait times (all divisions)
  5. Irregular border crossers
  6. Refugee Protection Division (RPD) statistics
    1. RPD operational plan overview
  7. Refugee Appeal Division (RAD) statistics
    1. RAD operational plan overview
  8. Immigration Division (ID) statistics
    1. ID operational plan overview
  9. Immigration Appeal Division (IAD) statistics
    1. IAD operational plan overview

D. Supporting notes and questions and answers

  1. Funding and human resources
    1. 2020-21 main and supplementary estimates
    2. Refugee determination: IRB growth and transformation agenda
  2. Governor in Council (GIC) appointments
    1. Financial table
    2. Human resources table
  3. Operations during COVID
    1. Business resumption: return to productivity
  4. Digital agenda
  5. Remote hearings
  6. Hong Kong
  7. Guardian angels
  8. Member complaints (and GRTF)
    1. IRB quality assurance framework for quality decision-making
  9. Summary QMI (Immigration Division 2019)

E. Media stories and media lines

  1. Top media stories (summaries)
  2. Top media lines

F. Committee members bios

  1. Committee overview
    1. Committee members biographies
    2. Biography Opposition Critic for Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship