About the Board


The Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada (IRB) is Canada's largest independent administrative tribunal. It is responsible for making well-reasoned decisions on immigration and refugee matters, efficiently, fairly and in accordance with the law.

The IRB decides, among other responsibilities, who needs refugee protection among the thousands of claimants who come to Canada annually.

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) has the overall responsibility for immigration and refugee matters. IRCC determines claims for refugee protection made abroad at Canadian embassies and consulates. It is responsible for selecting immigrants, issuing visitors' visas, and granting citizenship. It is also IRCC that determines the eligibility of all refugee protection claims made in Canada and refers eligible claims to the IRB for a decision.

The Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) is responsible for carrying out enforcement functions related to immigration and refugee matters. These include detention, removals, investigations, and intelligence and immigration control functions overseas.

The IRB reports to Parliament through the Minister of Citizenship and Immigration, but the IRB remains independent from IRCC and the Minister.

All IRB decisions have an impact on the lives and security of the individuals appearing before the IRB. They contribute to the security of Canadians, the integrity of Canada's immigration and refugee systems, and the strength and diversity of our nation. Refugees and immigrants have always been part of Canadian history and will continue to help shape our future.

Vision Statement

We will excel in everything we do and will deal simply, quickly and fairly with everyone. Through innovation, we will be a leading edge administrative tribunal and a creative partner in building the future of the Canadian immigration system.

Mission Statement

The Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada is an independent tribunal established by the Parliament of Canada. Our mission, on behalf of Canadians, is to resolve immigration and refugee cases efficiently, fairly and in accordance with the law.

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