Detention Reviews - 2. What to expect at a detention review

2. What to expect at a detention review

The Immigration Division member

The ID member (decision-maker) is in charge of the hearing. The member will start by introducing everyone and explaining what is going to happen.


If you do not understand French or English, an interpreter will be at the hearing to translate for you. The member will check that you and the translator clearly understand each other.

Presenting the facts and presenting your case

The CBSA representative (also called the Minister’s counsel or hearings officer) will explain why you are being detained and present the facts in support of their position.

You or your counsel will have a chance to explain your side, and ask questions. If you consider some of the information presented by the CBSA officer to be incorrect you should say so and explain why it is incorrect. The Member will evaluate the information and determine which facts he or she considers as truthful or correct.

If witnesses are providing information, they may be asked questions. Questions may be asked to witnesses by the CBSA representative, you, your counsel, or the member.