Report on the Protocol Addressing Member Conduct Issues: 2012-13

In 2012–13, a total of 23 expressions of concern about a member’s conduct were made in writing to a member manager. The vast majority were dismissed: 13 were determined to be unfounded and 7 were determined not to fall under the Protocol. One of the expressions of concern remained unresolved at the end of the reporting period. Finally, two were resolved informally.

Of the expressions of concern, most were related to sections 22 and 23 of the Code of Conduct for Members of the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada:

  • 22. Members shall conduct hearings in a courteous and respectful manner while ensuring that the proceedings are fair, orderly and efficient.
  • 23. Members shall comply with all procedural fairness and natural justice requirements. Members are expected to approach each case with an open mind and, at all times, must be, and must be seen to be, impartial and objective.

Some of the concerns expressed did not fall under the Protocol, as they related more to procedural issues (scheduling, interpretation, etc.).