Summary of Referral Reports on Counsel Conduct 2017-18

​The following summary of referrals of alleged breaches of professional conduct has been published in accordance with the IRB's Policy on Disclosing Information Regarding the Conduct of Authorized Representatives to Regulatory Bodies and associated procedures.

In 2017-18 there were a total of 28 alleged breaches of professional conduct by counsel reported at the IRB: 17 related to lawyers or individuals claiming membership in a provincial bar association, and 11 related to Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants.

Of these alleged breaches, 19 were referred to the appropriate regulator: The College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants​, in the case of reports involving Immigration Consultants, and to Law Societies or Bar Associations, in the case of reports involving lawyers. Seven alleged breaches were not referred, since they were determined not to constitute a breach serious enough to warrant disclosure, and two are currently under the IRB's review for possible referral.