Supplementary data on budget 2012 implementation

October 19, 2012

Mr. Kevin Page
Parliamentary Budget Officer
House of Commons
Ottawa, Canada
K1A 0A9

Dear Mr. Page,

In response to your letter of October 2, 2012, please find attached at Appendix A the information pertaining to the savings measures identified by the Immigration and Refugee Board in Budget 2012 for fiscal years 2012-13, 2013-14 and 2014-15 ongoing.

Should you require further information, please contact Serge Gascon, Chief Financial Officer at (613) 947-6679.

Yours truly,

Ken Sandhu
Acting Chairperson
Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada

Appendix A

Immigration Refugee Board
PBO Request
Savings Measures - Budget 2012
($ in thousands)
Program Activity Architecture2012‑20132013‑20142014‑2015
Refugee Protection Division$3,265$5,751$6,530
Refugee Appeal Division-$537$6,530
TOTAL $3,265 $6,288 $13,060