2015–16 Report on plans and priorities - Supplementary information table

Organizational sustainable development strategy

Implementation strategies

Target 7.2: Green Procurement
As of April 1, 2014, the Government of Canada will continue to take action to embed environmental considerations into public procurement, in accordance with the federal Policy on Green Procurement.

Performance Measurement
Performance indicatorTargeted performance level
Expected Result
Environmentally responsible acquisition, use and disposal of goods and services.
Departmental approach to further the implementation of the Policy on Green Procurement in place as of April 1, 2014.Seeking to obtain "achieved" by March 31, 2016
Number and percentage of procurement and/or materiel management specialists who have completed the Canada School of Public Service Green Procurement course (C215) or equivalent, in the given fiscal year.8 specialists who completed the course
Number and percentage of managers and functional heads of procurement and materiel whose performance evaluation includes support and contribution toward green procurement, in the given fiscal year.1 manager/functional head
Seeking to maintain "achieved"
Departmental Green Procurement Target
TargetPerformance indicatorTarget performance level
1. Increase the population density at National Headquarters in Ottawa in order to reduce the space utilization by 20%.Implementation of Workplace 2.0 fit-up standards and releasing of a floor to Public Works and Government Services Canada.Seeking to obtain "achieved" by June 30, 2015
2. Dispose of e-waste in an environmentally sound and secure manner.Use of the Computers for Schools Program and provincial e-waste recycling programs.Seeking to maintain "achieved"
3. By March 31, 2017, information on green procurement is provided on the intranet site under Procurement and Asset Management.Ensure that green procurement information is easily accessible on infonet.Seeking to obtain "achieved"
4. By March 31, 2018, the IRB will achieve at least a 20:1 average ratio of office employees to printing units.Note1Total number of IRB employees in March 2018 relative to the total number of printing units in use.Average ratio 20:1


Note 1

The scope of implementation includes the National Capital Region (National Headquarters) and the regions. Printing units include leased and purchased printers, photocopiers and multifunction devices. Printing units allocated as a result of a duty to accommodate situation will be excluded from the ratio count.

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