My Case pilot phase 2 launch

​Today, the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada (IRB) launched phase 2 of its My Case pilot. With MyCase new capabilities, counsel community will have access to an exciting and more dynamic way of interacting with the IRB. Registered counsel will be able to exchange documents securely with the Board and view case information and upcoming hearing dates on active case(s). To support this launch, a practice notice has been issued.

While the creation of My Case predates the pandemic, the launch of phase 2 speaks to the IRB’s response to COVID-19 and our resulting accelerated transformation into a digital organization. The pandemic, alongside its many challenges, has also provided exciting opportunities to introduce new ways of working and reimagine our organization.

Our expanded use of technology over the last months has been pivotal in adapting the way we work and has been of central importance in allowing us to continue to offer meaningful access to justice in a way that protects all parties’ health and safety. Significantly, our digitalization efforts have included the spearheading of remote hearings through the implementation of a secure technological platform.

We have also worked rapidly to modernize our communications channel, by expanding our use of email to include the exchange of documents. As an interim measure, we also broadened our use of epost ConnectTM.

The launch of Phase 2 of My Case is the most recent of these efforts. It will enable the Board to work more efficiently and enhance case management interaction with the counsel community.

Registration to My Case will be open to all counsel not already subscribed. Over the coming weeks, invitations to register will be sent by email, fax and mail directly to counsel. For counsel who wish to onboard early, please contact the My Case designated employees of your IRB regional office:

The success of the pilot will continue to be measured by inviting users to provide feedback after they have had an opportunity to use the tools on the My Case portal.