Searching the Responses to Information Request (RIR) Database


  • enter keywords here to search the full-text of RIRs, including title and bibliographical information
  • enter keywords in as many fields as you like
    • All Words: will retrieve records that contain every word entered in the search field (works like the AND connector)
    • Any Words: will retrieve records that contain at least one of the words entered in the search field (works like the OR connector)
    • Exact Phrase: will retrieve records that contain the string of keywords as you typed it (works like quotation marks)
  • do not enter Boolean connectors (AND, OR) or quotation marks (") in the search fields, only keywords
  • French characters are allowed; will look for words spelled with or without accents


  • works the same as the Full Text searching, except the search engine will search the title field of RIRs only


  • listed in alphabetical order
  • to select more than one country, hold the CTRL-key and select multiple countries with your mouse
  • selecting more than one country will retrieve records that contain any of the selected countries (works like the OR command)
  • to deselect, hold the CTRL-key and click on a previously selected country


  • select either English, French or Any (to retrieve articles in both languages)

From: / To:

  • to view RIRs from a specific date range, select the desired years in the From: and To: boxes
  • to view articles from a particular year, select the same year in both From: and To:
  • a seven (7) year archive of RIRs is kept in the database

Results per page and Maximum results:

  • select the number of results per page you wish to view (5, 10, 20, 50 or 100); the default is set at 20 results per page
  • select the number of maximum results you wish to view (10, 50, 100 or 500); the default is set at 100 results
  • note that searches will take longer if you choose higher numbers

Additional information:

  • in the Search Results page, click on the number to view the full-text of each RIR
  • to find keywords within a RIR, use your web browser's Find feature
  • to perform a new search, click the New Search link at the top of the page, which clears the current query
  • search terms are not case sensitive