Notice on RPD Scheduling and Short Hearing Process

As a result of rapidly increasing refugee claims, global instability and a backlog of new refugee claims, the IRB will be changing its approach for scheduling RPD hearings beginning at the end of March 2017.

This means that the RPD will redeploy up to half of its capacity to address backlog claims. The balance of the Division’s capacity will continue to be focused on addressing new cases within the required timelines.

Furthermore, under a new process, certain claims identified by the RPD as straight forward will be scheduled for a short hearing before an RPD member. The expectation is that a substantial majority of these claims will be finalized at the end of the short hearing. The provision to grant refugee protection to certain claims without a hearing will remain.

Countries which have an acceptance rate at the RPD of approximately 80 percent or higher will be the first to be considered for inclusion in the new short hearing process.

The RPD will reach out to stakeholders as further details become available. In the interim, claims from Syria, Iraq and Eritrea will continued to be considered under the IRB’s existing expedited policy.