Adoption of Electronic Signatures by the IAD

The Immigration Appeal Division (IAD) of the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada is changing the way its members sign their reasons for decision. A practice notice has been issued, which states that effective July 4, 2017, an electronic signature will satisfy the requirement for members to sign their reasons for decision under rules 55 and 56 of the Immigration Appeal Division Rules.

The adoption of electronic signatures should have little impact on the parties that appear before the IAD. This change is simply part of an overall modernization effort at the Board, and will help the Division to achieve certain internal efficiencies. The Board will continue to retain the original reasons for decision, and mail copies to the parties, within the same timelines. However, you may notice some of the following differences with this new approach:

  • The copy of the reasons for decision that you receive will no longer contain the seal (the embossed stamp) and the certified true copy stamp that is signed by the case management officer.
  • On the last page, the member’s name will no longer be inside quotation marks (“FName LName”).