Release of Three Jurisprudential Guides

Please be advised that on July 18, 2017, the Chairperson of the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada (IRB) identified three decisions of the Refugee Appeal Division as Jurisprudential Guides (JG). The new JGs analyze specific situations in China, Pakistan and India, which are three major source countries for the IRB. The JGs are very important tools that support RPD and RAD members in rendering decisions on cases with similar facts. JGs will help the IRB be more efficient, while maintaining fairness and high-quality decision-making. Taking strategic approaches such as this will enable the IRB to process more refugee protection claims and appeals, allowing us to better address the growing backlog.

  • TB7-01837
    Scope: Whether the treatment experienced by Ahmadis from Pakistan amounted to persecution and whether state protection and an internal flight alternative are available. Decision TB7-01837
  • MB6-01059/60
    Scope: Internal flight alternative in India for claimants from Punjab. Decision MB6-01059/60
  • TB6-11632
    Scope: Analysis of whether a person wanted by the authorities can exit China via an airport using a genuine passport. Decision TB6-11632