IMPORTANT NOTICE - Possible postal work disruption

In the event of a work disruption at Canada Post, clients are reminded that they must still provide any documents required by the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada (IRB) using one of the other methods set out in the IRB Rules. This means that clients must provide documents within the usual required timeframes either in person; by using a courier; or by fax if under 20 pages.

If your documents were mailed and you believe they did not reach their intended destination before the postal work disruption, you are required to bring a copy of your document with you when you appear before the IRB. In the case of appeals decided in writing by the Refugee Appeal Division (RAD), you are required to inform the Deputy Registrar of the RAD without delay and then either fax (if fewer than 20 pages), hand deliver or send your documents by courier.

Please also note: a refugee claimant who provides the Basis of Claim Form by fax must provide the original to the Refugee Protection Division at the beginning of the hearing.

The IRB is taking measures to minimize the possible impact of the postal service disruption on its clients. Some of these measures may involve the use of fax or telephone calls for urgent pieces of outgoing correspondence during the period of disruption. In rare cases, a courier service may also be used. The Board will continue to monitor the situation and adjust its approaches as the situation evolves.

If you require more information, please contact the regional office where your case is being processed.