Intention to Proceed Form for Legacy Claims

Claims made prior to December 15, 2012 are referred to as “Legacy” claims. The Intention to Proceed form is to notify the Legacy Task Force that you intend to proceed with your claim.

This form should be submitted to the Legacy Task Force with up-to-date contact information by refugee claimants who filed a claim prior to December 15, 2012 and who would like to proceed with their claim. Claimants who no longer wish to proceed with their claim should submit a Notice of Withdrawal form.

The Intention to Proceed form can be printed and completed by hand, or it can be completed electronically and printed. Signatures cannot be entered electronically, you must first print the document and sign by hand.

The completed form should be submitted to your regional RPD Legacy office by mail, fax, or in person. As of July 4, 2017, this form can also be submitted electronically to the RPD using Canada Post’s epost Connect™ service. Please read the RPD’s practice notice as well as the Instructions on how to Submit Documents Electronically to the Refugee Protection Division (RPD) for further details.