Step 3: Preparing for your hearing

If your appeal cannot be resolved without a hearing, you will be invited to an oral hearing.

Scheduling your hearing

If you have counsel

The Immigration Appeal Division (IAD) will contact your counsel to schedule your hearing and you will receive a Notice to Appear at least four weeks before the hearing date. The Notice to Appear tells you when and where your hearing will be.

If you do not have counsel

You will receive a Notice to Appear for a scheduling conference. At the conference, an IAD officer will explain the hearing process and schedule a date for your hearing.

Arriving at your hearing prepared

You must prepare your case before your hearing date. Documents, witness information and interpretation needs must be received at least 20 days before your hearing. The guide Attending a Hearing at the IAD explains what you need to do before your hearing and what happens at the hearing.

The types of documents or information that would help your case depend on the reason for your removal. The guide Preparing your case for the IAD explains some of the more common types of refusals and what type of information might be helpful to support your appeal.

IMPORTANT: If you do not show up to your hearing or scheduling conference, the IAD can declare your appeal “abandoned”, meaning your appeal is finished.